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What do I need?

When do I send them out
We have prepared a list of the normal items you will require for your Simcha. Alongside each item we detail our suggested schedule for posting to your guests. Please remember, individual circumstance may vary, this is only a guide.

Before the Simcha

Save the Date Cards                                           
Usually only sent out when a large number of potential guests are known to be expected from abroad or when it is known that there are several other Simchas on the same weekend or day.

Suggested posting period – 9 to 12 months before the Simcha

Do make sure you include all the principle information
The Host and Hostess ,The Celebration  (Batmitzvah, Barmitzvah or Wedding)
The Celebrant, The Date and Venue with timing (Religious Ceremony)
The Date , Venue and style of event with timing  (Celebration Party)
Dress Code and finale time, An address (always useful for the presents)

Suggested posting period:
- 12 weeks before where a number of guests from abroad
- 8 weeks before UK guests only

Reply Cards (RSVP)
Reply cards encourage Guests to respond promptly to your Invitation
and are useful to note any special dietary requirements

Always ask for them to be returned at least 4 weeks prior to the Simcha

Thank You Cards
These are normally printed in the same style as your Invitations. The addition of your address allows the Card to also be used as a Correspondence card. It is also a useful way for a Bride and Groom to let their  family and friends where they will be living.

It’s always nice to acknowledge a present within a week of receipt

In the Synagogue

Order of Ceremony
Ideal when the Simcha takes place away from the Synagogue, particularly a Bat Chayil or Wedding. Describes the service for the guests and is a lovely memento

At the Reception

Table Plan or Escort Cards
There are only two basic ways to get Guests from the Reception into a Dinner.
We specialize in magnificent Table Plans that reflect the style and theme of your Invitation.The alternative is an Escort card – laid out in Alphabetical Order containing a Table number on the inside.

Place cards
The secret of avoiding conflict at a Table – seating the right guests together.
We now have many variations on the traditional Place card, incorporating both Toasts and Menu’s and even a Benscher for Grace after meals

Still the most convenient way to detail the Speeches and Toasts together with the specially chosen meal

A wonderful array of designs is available to make a special memento

In addition don’t forget, we can also supply

  • Special Table names – featuring your favourite foods, drinks, shops, holiday destinations, football teams etc
  • Guest Books – a special Momento to match your Invitation and stationery
  • Kippot – a full range of colours available in Suede or Satin

Do allow at least 5- 6 weeks for Suede Kippot, 16 weeks for Satin

Finally – if in doubt, don’t hesitate to phone, we’re pleased to help